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DKK 15.000 one-year subscription

Choose the Business Survey when you want a thorough insight into the management team’s assessment of the business’s current competitiveness. The survey includes 82 statements divided between 9 groups. The statements can be customised.
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Product Description

Choose the Business Survey when you want a thorough insight into the management team’s assessment of the business’s current competitiveness. The result of the survey shows the areas in which the business has a solid foundation for growth. In addition, it shows where steps should be taken in order to improve competitiveness and in what order of priority, this should be done. Finally, it shows where members of the management team may have strong divergent views on the situation. The result of the survey thus constitutes a basis for decisions for the work in the management team. It can therefore be advantageous to conduct the survey one to two times a year. This will allow you to follow the impact of the initiatives and it will give you an updated decision basis for the coming period.

The process:

  1. Purchase the Survey
  2. Edit the survey to suit your specific needs if necessary
  3. Allow the selected respondents (members of the management team) to perform the survey
  4. Receive your report with prioritised action plan. You now have a valid basis for decisions
  5. Set new goals together with your management team
  6. Decide on focus areas and initiate actions
  7. Repeat the survey at appropriate intervals in order to assess the impact of action.
    With a one-year subscription, you will be able to conduct the survey twice with nearly a year in between the two survey responses
Scope of supply:
  1. A survey (questionnaire) ready-to-use. The content can be customised
  2. An integrated mail distribution system ready-to-use
  3. A report with graphs and tables.
    • The report’s elements are prioritised by importance in the Focus area, the Observation area and the Consolidation area. With it the action plan is ready to use in the management’s effort to develop the business
    • Your Competition wheel. A graphic showing each response as well as your Success Field (the intersection)
    • A listing of responses with significant spread
    • The report is delivered as a pdf-file

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