100 PLUS was established as a consulting business in 1993 with the aim of strengthening synergies between businesses and their employees’ competences. Over the years the consultants have developed a number of analytical tools for uncovering which strengths businesses can build on and thus the areas to be developed in order to achieve the desired goals. We continue to develop new analytical tools for the uncovering of status and challenges.

Consultant and partner


Consultant and partner



Anders Mortensenhas been an independent business owner for several years. In recent years, he has held leading positions in larger organisations, including positions as sales manager, department manager and CEO. The tasks have been strongly linked to sales and business optimisation. Among other things, the work has focused on practical application of Business Intelligence as a management tool and optimisation of processes in companies. In addition, the tasks have consisted of the development of several IT solutions for the optimisation of corporate earnings. A common thread has been an eternal quest for business improvement, which is reflected in the surveys developed by 100 PLUS and offered on this website.

Ole Buch has held sales and marketing jobs in large Danish companies, been trade promotion officer, start-up consultant and international training manager. Some years as a training manager in a Swiss training company taught him the most effective way to train others in management and sales in order to achieve top results. A number of years as an independent Business Trainer has developed his sense of the analytical and conceptual part in human and business development. It is using this expertise that the surveys have been developed in collaboration with Anders Mortensen.